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2023 St. Peter Athletic Club Softball/Baseball Programs


Welcome to the 2023 St. Peter Athletic Club Softball/Baseball Program Registration!



  • This year's registration period is from Sunday, January 8th through Sunday, February 5th.
  • There is a $50 registration late fee imposed if registering after the above noted registration dates (with the exception of T-Ball)
  • If you are a new member with SPAC, please create an account after carefully reading all information OR if you are a returning member please log in with your account


Eligibility to play is based on the following:

  • T-Ball is open to any and all players regardless of their township of residence
  • All levels above T-Ball are open to residents of the Town of Taycheedah OR to any returning players or siblings of past or present players of SPAC.  For any players who do not meet this requirement, your acceptance is not guaranteed.  Your application will be reviewed and your willingness to be a possible Director will be considered (this will be a choice later in the registration process). 

This registration session will allow you to sign up for St. Peter Athletic Club Girls Softball/Boys Baseball Programs.  Please read through each page carefully to ensure that your information is provided accordingly.​

  • You must pay all of your fees in full prior to the first game of the season.  Registration fees will be refunded if SPAC is unable to accept your child due to player capacities being met and you reside outside the Township of Taycheedah.  Fees include player fee and family membership fee.  Fees can be paid via cash, check or charge. 
  • Please note:  SPAC requires all families to fulfill volunteer hours and surrender a separate volunteer deposit check when paying fees.  The check will either be shredded at the end of the summer season if applicable volunteer hours are completed OR it will be cashed if applicable volunteer hours have not been completed.  Similar to last year, for 2023 we are only accepting checks for the volunteer deposit. 



  • Boys Rookies (Grades 1-2), Minors (Grades 3-4), Little League (Grades 5-6), Graders (Grades 7-8)
  • Girls A (Grades 7-8), B (Grades 5-6), and C (Grades 2-4)
  • Girls & Boys T-Ball Minors (Grades 4K-K) and Boys and Girls T-Ball Majors (Grade K-1)

Grade = Current Grade at time of Registration



  • Rookies thru Graders and Girls Softball
    • 10 volunteer hours for 1 player families.
    • 14 volunteer hours for 2+ player families.
    • A $300 deposit check is required before any uniform will be handed out.
  • T-Ball Minors and/or T-Ball Majors Only
    • 6 volunteer hours for families with Tee Ball and Beginner only players.
    • A $150 deposit is required.
  • Families with T-Ball Minors/Majors AND player(s) in Rookies thru Graders and Girls Softball are required to fulfill the volunteer and deposit requirements for a  2+ player family as described above -14 hours.
  • SPAC Directors are exempt from deposit & additional volunteer hours
  • Head Coaches are exempt from deposit & additional volunteer hours



  • Each family is responsible to pay a $30 membership fee.


  • T-Ball Minors/Majors (Free)
  • Girls Softball ($50) 
  • Rookies (1st-2nd Grade) ($50)
  • Minors (3rd-4th Grade) ($55) 
  • Little League (5th-6th Grade) ($60) 
  • Graders (7th-8th Grade) ($65)

*A $50 Late fee will be assessed to families registering after 2/5/2023.


A communication will be sent at a later date to all who have registered to confirm the date and time you will pay your fees and pick up uniforms. 


Thanks for your support!

St. Peter Athletic Club  (located at N8045 Church Road, Malone, WI)

St. Peter Athletic Club DIRECTORS

Phone: 920-960-2431